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RC Series Product

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The RC Series antenna materials from Relong Corporation are high performance, specialty materials that  are specifically engineered and manufactured to meet the demands of today’s wireless antenna markets. Increased antenna performance requirements are a constant trend in the market today. Relong has the materials needed to meet the design needs of this market both today and into the future.

The RC Series antenna products are glass-reinforced, mixed ceramic PTFE based materials that provide controlled dielectric constant, low loss performance, very good passive intermodulation (PIM) performance and good circuit process ability, which enables high yield circuit board fabrication. 

The RC Series antenna products are manufactured to meet the wide variety of dielectric constant options that are needed for today’s antenna requirements. Dielectric constant options are available at 2.50, 2.55, 2.94 and 2.97 with a typical tolerance of ±0.05. The variety of options and tight control help to enable the circuit to meet the desired impedance every time. 

All RC Series antenna products are manufactured with standard electrodeposited (ED) and reverse treated ED copper foil options. This provides choices that are sufficient to help reduce both circuit losses and antenna PIM. Typical PIM values using reverse treated ED copper foil are -162 dBc at 30 mil thickness and -165 dBc at 60 mil thickness. These are typical values obtained using the extensive PIM testing capability  at 1800 MHz using a two tone, reflected method on a 50Ω microstrip test vehicle. 

Additionally, the RC Series antenna products are produced in a wide variety of thicknesses. The typical thicknesses are 30 mil and 60 mil. If need the other thickness, please consult with your sales engineer or customer service representative for assistance in selecting the material options that are suitable for your application..

Lastly, as PTFE based composites, the RC Series antenna materials have very low loss (typically less than 0.002 at 10 GHz), very low water absorption (typically  0.05%), and very high copper peel strength (typically  14 lb/inch at 1OZ copper). These features combined together make the RC Series laminates an ideal choice for antenna applications.

RCSeries product datasheet.Please click here.