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Relong’s RC255 is commercial microwave and RF laminate material designed with low dielectric constant and very low loss characteristics. This ceramic-filled, woven fiberglass reinforced PTFE composite material is use unique  chemistry formulation and processing to offer RF and Microwave designers an advantage for improving electrical properties and mechanical performances.RC255 provides a significant improvement in performance stability over the current product line and other traditional fluoropolymer-glass laminates.

RC255 is ideal Base Station Antenna and Base Station Power Amplifiers material for low loss and low PIM(-162 dBc). Other key features include low water absorption, lowest Temperature Coefficient of Dielectric Constant (TCEr =-75ppm/°C) and very low CTExyz (16, 16 and 50ppm/°C), high copper peel strength and good dimensional and thermal stability. It's Dielectric Constant 2.55 and tighter DK tolerance (±0.04) is desired for achieving high antenna efficiency and large bandwidth, and also provides a small degree of miniaturization that is critical to the size constraints of some antenna designs.

RC255 has low TCEr, which enables the antenna designs to maintain high antenna gain and performance over wider operating temperature ranges by minimizing resonance frequency shift and bandwidth roll off at the temperature swings.

RC255 is compatible with the processing used for standard PTFE based printed circuit board substrates. In addition, the low Z-axis thermal expansion provided by the ceramic loading, will improve plated through-hole (PTH) reliability compared to typical PTFE based laminates.

RC255 Datasheet download.Please click here.