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RP220 laminates are woven fiberglass/PTFE composite materials. Using precise control of the fiberglass/PTFE ratio, RP220 laminates offer a range of choices from the lowest dielectric constant and dissipation factor to a more highly reinforced laminate with better dimensional stability. 

The woven fiberglass reinforcement in RP220 products provides greater dimensional stability than nonwoven fiberglass reinforced PTFE based laminates of similar dielectric constants. The consistency and precise control of the PTFE coated fiberglass cloth allows Relong to offer stable dielectric constants.

RP220 laminates are frequently used in filter, coupler and low noise amplifier (LNA) applications,where dielectric constant uniformity is critical.They are also used in power dividers and combiners, where low loss(Df 0.0009) is important.

RP220 Datasheet download.Please click here.