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RL-P bonding ply, which mainly contained glass cloth, hydrocarbon resin and special ceramic filler, is a good bonding material for microwave multilayer application. It is suitable for the applications with low dielectric constant and low dissipation requirements, as well as high performance PCB multilayer bond with high frequency and high speed transmission requirements. The press/cure temperature of the RL-P is 180℃, so it will still be good to use even if PCB shop without high temperature press.

RL-P has low dielectric constant (@10GHz Dk 3.20), and low dissipation (@10GHz Df 0.0030), high glass transition temperature(Tg 280℃), and good thermal stability. RL-P with high operating temperature (MOT), excellent filling performance and good blind hole filling effect.

RL-P is used in aerospace and high performance civilian multi-layer lamination application, for instance: Radars, antennas, RF couplers, filters, passive components, power amplifiers, etc., it could be used to a broad fields: from commercial consumer products to defense aviation.


RL-P Datasheet download.Please click here.