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Relong RP/RD series is a kind of glass fiber cloth/Teflon composite material, which is used as the base material of printed circuit boards.

RP200 has low dielectric constant and dielectric loss. In RP/RD series products, the size stability and dielectric constant of woven fiberglass fabric reinforced substrates are better than those of non-woven fiberglass fabric reinforced substrates. In the RP200 series products, the film stacks are arranged in the same latitude and longitude.

RP200 substrate has very stable dielectric constant and very low dielectric loss. It is often used in filter, coupler and low noise amplifier design. They are also used in very important low-loss designs such as power dividers and synthesizers.

RD200 uses a higher glass fiber cloth/Teflon ratio, and its mechanical properties are similar to those of traditional substrates. Other advantages include better dimensional stability and lower coefficient of thermal expansion.