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Fourth quarter employee birthday party

Release Time:2018-12-27 Browse:485

 In order to create a caring corporate culture atmosphere, let employees truly feel the care of the Ruilong family, and enhance the sense of belonging of employees to the company, the company recently held the fourth quarter employee birthday party.

The General Manager wishes Zhongrong the longevity stars of the fourth quarter the most sincere wishes. Thank you for your contribution to the development of the company. It warms and inspires everyone present.

We sent sincere wishes to the birthday stars, carefully prepared delicious cakes and birthday gifts, along with familiar birthday songs, birthday stars have made their own birthday wishes, one face after another in mutual blessing burst into smiles.

The birthday party is short and happy. We share the joy of birthday and feel the warmth of the Ruilong family. In the laughter and laughter, Ruilongren devotes the company's care to the high work enthusiasm. Let us cherish our common ideals and goals, gather together in Ruilong, and grow together with Ruilong!