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South China International Circuit Board and Electronic Assembly Exhibition 2018

Release Time:2018-12-19 Browse:414

On December 7, 2018, South China International Circuit Board and Electronic Assembly Exhibition 2018, sponsored by Hong Kong Circuit Board Association (HKPCA) International Electronics Industry Connection Association (IPC), successfully closed at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. As one of the most influential and representative exhibitions in the world, this year's exhibition has reached a new high in scale, with nearly 560 exhibitors and more than 3100 exhibition booths. One-stop exhibition shows innovative products, technologies and solutions covering the whole industry chain of PCB and electronic assembly industry.

Reilong technology team carefully prepared, with high-performance high-frequency copper clad laminate series products and exquisite technical solutions, has attracted many domestic and foreign RF antenna design customers to stop and consult. The exhibition focuses on three representative products of the company: RA300 series products for high-end high-frequency civil use such as automotive electronics, RC series products for 5G antenna and the latest R-P bonding products. At the same time, our company successfully invited the leaders and R&D personnel of Huawei, ZTE, Shennan Circuit, Jesse Science and Technology, 29 CET and 10 other key units to visit and guide the booth. Chairman Liu Xin and General Manager of the company warmly received Zhongrong and discussed the market application and process optimization.

The high frequency copper clad laminate series products launched by Ruilong Science and Technology have achieved remarkable results after years of devoted research and development. With good technology accumulation, market operation ability and management system, we believe that we can accelerate the promotion of the effect of Ruilong brand and better serve various radar systems, UAVs, antenna feeder network, PNT navigation and positioning calibration, satellite broadband, 5G communication. Automotive electronics and other industries.