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Ruilong Technology Chengdu Technology Exchange Lecture

Release Time:2018-06-26 Browse:422

From June 20 to 22, Ruilong Company successfully held three technical exchange lectures in 29 Chengdu Electric Power Branch, 10 Xi'an Weapons 206. The general manager and technical director of our company explained Ruilong's advantages in localization in detail. Experts at the meeting discussed warmly and actively raised questions on the use of materials. Our company answered them one by one and gave alternative options for selection.

↑↑↑Technological Exchange Site of 29 China Electrical Power Section Institutions


↑↑↑Technical Exchange Site of 206 Weapons Institutions

Through this multi-round lecture, the domestic military institutes have further understood our company's product design, research and development, production and application, enhanced mutual trust, and created conditions for further cooperation between the two sides. We have made greater efforts to promote the development of localization.