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Nanjing 8th World Radar Expo

Release Time:2018-06-20 Browse:574

The 8th World Radar Exposition and the 9th Military-Civil Dual-Use Electronic Information Technology Exhibition were held in Nanjing International Exhibition Center, Jiangsu Province from June 14 to 16, 2018. The exhibition fully demonstrates the achievements and achievements of radar subsystems, components/devices/new materials, communication/command systems, UAVs/robots and other fields closely related to radar systems.

As one of the most complete products of high frequency copper clad laminates, Ruilong Technology is widely used in radio frequency electronic products, radar, array antenna, microwave feeding network, CNI applications, satellite-space electronics and other fields. Ruilong Technology has brought the latest materials to the scene early.

↑↑↑Many new products presented here:

RS300: Space-grade high-performance radiation-resistant microwave multilayer materials (Dk 2.94, Df 0.0011)

RP/RD series: woven glass fiber cloth/polytetrafluoroethylene (Dk 2.17-2.65)

RC300+: A New Generation of Low Cost and High Performance RF Antenna Materials (Dk 2.97 Df 0.0020)

↑↑↑The exhibition attracts professionals from related industries to attend and consult, and visitors'professional questions are quickly answered.

The three-day exhibition was successfully concluded. Customers expressed their recognition and satisfaction with the products, quality, delivery and service of Ruilong Technology.