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Opening Ceremony and New Year's Meeting 2018

Release Time:2018-02-26 Browse:1036

Wuxi Ruilong New Material Technology Co., Ltd. held the opening ceremony on January 26, 2018. Mr. Peng Hongyu, Secretary of Mashan Resort, Binhu District, and other government leaders, 14, 56 and 38 important customers, partners such as Yatai Metal Industry Co., Ltd. and members of the board of directors attended the opening ceremony. Chairman Liu Xin and Secretary Peng Hongyu attended the opening ceremony. Speech at the opening ceremony of the Division wishes Ruilong Science and Technology a great success and a great future.

After the opening ceremony, under the leadership of the chairman and general manager, leaders and partners from all walks of life visited the factory workshop to understand the company's production process and technology, and further clarified Ruilong's future development plan and direction.


At 5:00 p.m. in Wuxi Heyi Sunshine Hotel, New Year's Conference was held. Leaders from all walks of life gathered with Ruilong colleagues to sing, dance and share a feast.



Starting from December 2017, the opening ceremony and annual meeting will be organized by Personnel Department and Sales Department, which will be responsible for pre-coordination and logistic support. With the active cooperation and efforts of all of you, the opening ceremony and annual meeting will be successfully completed. Summarize the organizational experience of this event, and lay a foundation for better completion of other activities organized by the company in the future.