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RA300 is a PTFE composite utilizing low coefficient of expansion fiberglass as the supporting material and mixing with a specially treated nanometer ceramic, which provides both excellent dimensional stability and the highest degree of phase stability, critical in multi-layer designs. RA300 is in a “League of its Own” when it is combined with thin film resistor-conductor materials such as Ohmega-Ply ® and TCR ® foils utilized for embedded resistors. 

RA300 has “Best-in-Class” Insertion Loss (S21) and Loss Tangent (0.0011). During Development, Relong focused not only on reducing Loss Tangent, but also in reducing Conductive Losses. As a result, RA300 Insertion Loss is“Best-In-Class”. 

The impact of copper foil roughness on conductor loss is due to increase in transmission line resistance as a result of skin effect. Relong’s RA300 was designed to provide a quality peel strength without having to resort to the utilization of the higher loss, rougher coppers prevalent in competitive products to achieve acceptable copper adhesion. 

RA300 has Low CTExyz and Very Low TCEr for applications that require Electrical Phase Stability and Dielectric Constant Stability well over a -40 to 150°C  Operating Temperature. RA300 has excellent performance (dimensional stability, dielectric constant stability vs. temperature and frequency, low absorption of moisture and processing chemicals, ease of process ability), and has a price competitive advantage. 

Compared with other materials, RA300 has a higher thermal conductivity, it increased heat conduction makes further increases in power capacity.

Applications include Space and other Electronics who require a higher degree of performance such as Phase Sensitive Arrays for Radar, RF/Microwave Communications, Aircraft Collision Avoidance Systems, JTRS, etc. RA300 is also a preferred material for sensitive filter applications.