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“Best  in Class”  Thermal Conductivity( 0.8 W / m K ) 

Dielectric Constant Stability across Wide Temperatures( - 9  pp m / ℃)

Very  Low Loss Tangent  provides Higher Amplifier or Antenna  Efficiency

Priced Affordably for Commercial Application

High  Peel  Strength for Reliable

Copper Adhesion in thermally stressed applications

Meet Military Standard for Shock and Impact Resistance Test


Heat Dissipation and  Management

Improved Processing and Reliability

Large  Panel Sizes  for Multiple Circuit Layout for lowered Processing Costs

Typical Applications:

Power Amplifiers, Filters and Couplers

Tower Mounted Amplifiers (TMA) and Tower Mounted Boosters (TMB)

Thermally Cycled Antennas sensitive to dielectric  drift

Microwave Combiner  and Power Dividers