Business ethics

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Business ethics

Employee Commitment:

1. No matter where you are, you must be honest and upright when dealing with problems.

2. Other forms of illegal remuneration, such as rebates, commissions, etc. provided by customers or suppliers are not collected by any means.

3. During the period of employment, you should not be employed by other companies that compete with the company.

4. Respect colleagues, subordinates, and third parties to treat customers, business partners, competitors, regulators, and other employees in a fair manner.

5. Do not use company property, information or positions to seek business opportunities that should belong to the company.

6. Do not directly or indirectly benefit from the financial interests of other commercial organizations through the relationship of their spouse or other family members.

7. Do not obtain loans, personal debt guarantees or sign any private financial transactions from our major customers, suppliers or competitors.

8. The company's confidential business information should not be disclosed or published without the prior approval of the company.

9. Fair transactions must be conducted with all of the company's customers, suppliers, competitors and other employees.

10. The benefits of injustice are not obtained through manipulation, concealment, misuse of specially known information, misrepresentation of material facts or other unfair methods.

The company promises:

1. We promise not to participate in the illegal activities of the relevant enterprise associations, prohibit alliances with the industry to raise or lower the price of materials, and act to deceive customers and society.

2. We are committed to providing high quality products and services, in strict accordance with the relevant system documents, security protection, quality control and other operational procedures.

3. The company's business conduct is based on "fair trading" and does not accept any means of giving, bribing or kickbacks to obtain cooperation intentions.

4. Confidential information of customers and business partners will be treated as confidential information of our company and strict confidentiality policy will be implemented.

5. Companies are prohibited from stealing patent information, processing confidential information obtained without the owner's consent, or inducing current or past employees of other companies to disclose such information.

6. The company is committed to conducting honest and upright business operations and is fully compliant with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.