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Employee Health

Health and safety section


We care about the health and safety of our employees

We are committed to providing our employees with safe working conditions and working to protect them from potential health hazards and injuries. Related examples include:

Formulate a sound health and safety management system to ensure the health and safety of employees.

A risk assessment, such as a work process risk analysis or a workplace health risk assessment, must be performed prior to any potentially hazardous work.

Equipped with sufficient fire-fighting facilities and reasonable fire management measures, special personnel are responsible for the maintenance and implementation of the equipment, and a voluntary fire brigade is established to ensure fire safety.

Place a first aid kit in the workshop and equip with appropriate first aid medicines.

Develop a reasonable process and adequately train personnel to ensure the correct operation of employees and avoid accidents caused by improper operation.

In case of accidents that have occurred, timely investigate the cause of the accident, formulate reasonable and effective corrective and preventive measures, and educate employees on accidents to prevent similar accidents from happening again.

Provide employees with appropriate personal protective equipment, and train and require employees to use relevant personal protective equipment in accordance with company regulations.

Develop an emergency plan and conduct a drill every year to ensure that employees understand what to do in an emergency to avoid injury.

An occupational hazard factor test is conducted on the workshop every year to ensure that all occupational hazards are within the regulatory limits and the test results are publicized.

A safety warning sign is posted in the workshop to remind employees of the risk factors around them.

We encourage employees to raise health and safety risks around us, continuously improve the safety awareness of all employees, and gradually develop a sense of safety that I want to be safe.